So here we are…

April 4, 2008

GREENE concept, this is Ivanova Shostakovich and Peter Stindberg, ready to bring some fresh ideas and highest quality into the content creation in Second Life.

Ivanova has joined SL in September 2007, and almost immediately started to build things. Her background in graphic design helped her pick up the core technologies of SL content at an impressive speed. She’s at home with Sculptie creation as well as with scripts and texturing.

Peter joined Second Life in October 2006. Initially trying to apply his knowledge of 3D design, he founded his first SL company “Babel Translations” in mid 2007 using his background in marketing instead.

Ivanova and Peter were brought together by Peters wife Gina Glimmer, who mentored Ivanova during her first days in SL which resulted in them becoming friends. Together, Ivanova and Peter want to bring unique and original furniture and accessories into SL. Highest quality, with lowest possible primcount at an affordable price is the goal. The name “GREENE concept” hints at Ivanova’s favourite color.

Stay tuned for more from GREENE concept!

One Response to “So here we are…”

  1. Seikatsu Says:

    Good luck Ivanova and Peter. I like the creations I have seen so far, and I can’t wait to see the rest… and place my custom order 🙂

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