Ich bin ein Berliner

April 11, 2008

Among our first items, there will be large polstered stools (or sofas without backrest). They will be able to seat 4 avatars and are ideal for casual business lounges, offices or living rooms. Because of their similarity in shape to jelly doughnuts or bismarcks, we dubbed them “Berliner” (which is the name of the pastries in Germany).

Ivanova created some wonderful textures, including denim, cotton, suede, a quilted blue and of course a green(e) texture. She did wonderful work on the details, including a realistic polstery feel, and stitches and seams. We have yet to decide on the color of the legs – there’s two choices of wood right now, and the aesthetic match of dark wood and light wood to each texture is not yet done.

The green(e) lady to the right is our customer service alt GREENEconcept Helfer. It serves as our bank and personal inventory server, and it also uploads and stores all textures. Even though it will not be around much, we took the time to give it a personal face and look. While mass uploading all the textures, it already complained about the hard work and demanded a raise.


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