Beta grid as a test environment

April 17, 2008

Obviously, the beta grid was not created to be a free for all, play money upload sim for testing our creations. I believe it was created as a server and viewer test environment.
But it is useful for testing the look and function of textures and sculpts when I don’t have a clear idea what they will do inworld. The upload window sculpt preview is really only useful for verification purposes “Yep, it’s a sculpt alright.”
We are making furniture for Second Life. We’ve made that clear. Unsurprisingly, in the beta grid I have seen names I have recognized from other SL furniture businesses.

Upload fees do add up after a while and the beta grid is a great place for our team to meet and critique design ideas and decide if they warrant further exploration. Granted, by that point the time to create a prototype sculpt has already been spent. But let’s face it, sculpting design ideas and texture creation were already play time for me anyway. There is a breaking point there somewhere that in rl would equate to billable hours, but I don’t know where it is.

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