April 19, 2008

Just as I was working on the sitting anims for the Berlin chairs and needed to look up something ont the SL wiki, my feedreader announced a new video tutorial by Torley Linden on – guess what – animations!

Our goal for GREENE concept furniture is to be different from other manufacturers. This not only goes for Invanova’s designs, but also for the animations inside our products. Even though the animations sold by Pillow Talk or Bits’n’Bob are among the finest available in SL, it can get boring to see the same poses over and over again. That’s why poses for GREENE concept furniture get developed from scratch, instead of resorting to stock poses.

We also decided to have the overriding priority of the animations set low, in order to allow the typing animation to still be visible. Especially for the “social furniture”, that allows to sit multiple avatars for meetings or gossiping, the typing animation is an important visual clue. Those who don’t like it can easily turn it off within SL.

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