Knowing when to say when

April 30, 2008

All artists experience a point where they either have to stop messing with a work, or risk ruining it. Knowing when to say “It’s done.” or “I can’t make this any better.” is never the same. It is different for each project. I have found it is easier sometimes to be making something for someone else and let them say when it is done. It takes a certain amount of energy expenditure to make the design decisions, if that makes any sense.
I have been working on a couch texture and I have gotten there I think. I took care of some realism detailing and now I am creating the color/pattern schemes. It will soon be ready for animation work. This will, of course, introduce a whole new slew of ‘when to say when’ moments. Bear with me. I’ll get you a place to sit down soon.


One Response to “Knowing when to say when”

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