Pretty rust

May 19, 2008

[13:36] Ivanova Shostakovich: What about a rusty texture for the handle?
[13:36] Peter Stindberg: mhmm
[13:36] Peter Stindberg: The idea is not bad
[13:37] Peter Stindberg: Of course it must not look rusty
[13:37] Ivanova Shostakovich: I know what you mean. It has to be a pretty rust.
[13:37] Peter Stindberg: 🙂
[13:37] Peter Stindberg: Shiny rust!
[13:37] Peter Stindberg: Smooth rust!
[13:38] Peter Stindberg: lol, I’ll put this dialogue on the blog!
[13:38] Ivanova Shostakovich: Trust in Rust!


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