Cumulative details

June 3, 2008

I am back from my vacation. And I spent all Sunday lazing around recovering from my vacation. Playing can be so taxing.

We are changing and adding some fine little details on our San Jose sofa and the Berlin sofa. We’re fine tuning things like the shadow plane of the sofas for realism, randomly changing the animations on each sit position, and some other small features to make using them easy for the customer. Peter asked me on one or two of the details whether anyone would notice them. My reply was that while one or two small details might go unnoticed, everything we make will have an overall look and aesthetic feel that is the sum of all the details, no matter how small, that we will put into it.
We don’t think perfection, or as close to it as you can get, is too much to ask when it comes to item creation in Second Life. The L$ price tag you find on most things in SL may not be much in real life value, but you’re still asking someone to spend their money for your products. We will expect customers to expect high quality.
We hired a Second Life graphic designer to help us come up with a logo. His first draft design is, in my opinion, a stroke of inspired artistry. It felt good to be striving for a quality product and to receive a quality product from someone else.

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