15 minutes of fame

June 8, 2008

According to Andy Warhol, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes“. He said this in 1968 – one year after I was born – so we can rightfully assume this future Warhol speaks of is now, 40 years later. Did GREENE concept have its 15 minutes yesterday?

I have to admit I expected more from being mentioned on an influential blog like New World Notes. The results have been rather sobering however. The NWN post got commented one single time, our blog got linked one single time, and we had a peak of 186 unique hits here. The notecard in our workshop got requested only once as well.

So what went wrong?

Of course the most obvious thing is that we simply have no merchandise available at the moment. I can’t see if anybody of those 186 visitors followed the links to our OnRez or SLX storefronts – but even i they did, they would have found nothing. That was a major showstopper of course.

The next question is whether NWN is the right forum for people interested in furniture at all? NWN was one of the first SL websites I found (I even met Hamlet briefly after I came to SL though I assume he does not remember), and I always liked the mix of things there (though lately it seems fewer own articles and more links to blogs). Among the probably large number of people who read the article, maybe only a few were interested in furniture at all.

And finally – and that’s the question I fear most – maybe readers were simply not interested in our kind of furniture. We ran our concepts by a few friends and almost all of them liked it very much, but maybe those are the only ones who do?

Well, assuming this blog got a few readers more since yesterday, I would like to ask for some feedback. Why did you come here? Why do you read this? Do you like our designs?

It’s your turn now!


2 Responses to “15 minutes of fame”

  1. trinity dechou Says:

    Perhaps articles take time to be read and explored? In this oh so busy world of sl it takes time to catch up on the ‘news’.
    Your friends are a small cross section of the secondlife network as a whole, but I would suggest, from my own past experience, a very good indication. If they like the designs (which I certainly do) chances are they will not be alone.
    This of course can be monitored more closely when you are fully open with designs for sale.

  2. I have to agree, especially over a weekend when so many RL plans get in the way. If you are interested, I’ve started a new group to promote furniture makers such as yourselves. Search *Homestyle Consolidated* in world and click join. Drop me an im and I’ll give you rights to send notices to the group.

    We are small so far but growing.

    Cheers – Bailey

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