Sit targets, animations and variation

June 11, 2008

I had not dealt much with the LSL permissions rules. But recently, of particular interest to me has been the granting of permissions to animate one’s avatar.
In a chair type object, be it a cube, a library chair, or a carousel horse, the granting of permissions to animate the avatar is automatic. However, it is still necessary to request those permissions in order for it to work.

My scripting of furniture has been focused on providing multiple animations, Having good positions for those animations, and making the animations rotate randomly after standing up.
My greatest obstacle, so far, has been getting good sit target positions, especially when using sculpted prims in furniture.
I have just finished new scripting for our San Jose informal meeting sofas. As I was having problems editing other pieces of scripting to suit our San Jose, I dropped that and took everything I have learned so far (plus an hour or two of additional study) and wrote a new script from scratch from beginning to end in about an hour. Then I redid all the llSitTarget parameters for the five seats of the San Jose.

Then I sighed.

2 Responses to “Sit targets, animations and variation”

  1. Asp Grelling Says:

    I don’t know if this code helps, it is from my coding blog. Compared to some code samples this code catches more exceptions and acts in a more sane way when they occur.

    Asp Grelling

  2. I’m sorry, the comment got flagged as spam… Ivanova will have a look at it after the weekend. Thanks!

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