The modify permission

June 21, 2008

   A recent, and very helpful comment from Thaumata Strangelove has prompted me to write about our permissions philosophy.
   We have made our furniture so that customers can modify it.
   GREENE concept makes no-copy versions and no-transfer versions of our products, everything about them is modifiable except for their scripts. This way an experimenting owner cannot accidentally break the scripts. But they can add a tint to individual components or even replace the textures with ones of their own making.
   While it is true that no mod scripts cannot be edited or viewed by their owners, and thus they cannot be turned off individually, it is possible, since the customer can modify the whole product, for them to turn off all scripts running in the product using the tools menu while in edit mode.
The customer who wants to, may turn off the existing scripts and add their own scripts, and add their own animations if they are so inclined.
   We will generally advise against modifying a no copy item extensively.

   Thanks for reading.

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