New Fat Packs for San Jose and Berlin

July 26, 2008

GREENE concept is pleased to announce the availability of the “fat packs” of their “Berlin” and “San Jose” furniture ranges. The fat packs include a menu that allows the owner (or everybody) to change between 12 (San Jose) or 10 (Berlin) designs.

GREENE concept Berlin Fat Pack (transfer)

The “San Jose” is a horseshoe shaped upholstered bench which seats up to 5 avatars. The “Berlin” chairs seat up to 4 avatars. Both are ideal for informal meetings or get togethers on lounges, offices, clubs or shops – but also does well in private homes. Lightweight with only 7 prims in case of the San Jose or 4 prims in case of the Berlin’s, they randomly assign high quality sittings animations to their users. The textures are highly detailed hand drawn patterns.

Both fat packs are available as copy/no-transfer or no-copy/transfer:

San Jose fat pack copy/no-transfer: 1000 L$
San Jose fat pack no-copy/transfer: 800 L$
Berlin fat pack copy/no-transfer: 900 L$
Berlin fat pack no-copy/transfer: 600 L$

OnRez Storefront:
SL Exchnage:

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