Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces for the first time in person. Elle is hosting the Shadowbox Design Contest right now – actually it is over as of my writing, but the exhibition ground should still be open and the winners are not announced yet.

I sent a batch of review copies to Elle a while ago, and since she wanted a meeting area she figured she could use our San Jose benches. What I like is the unique and smart idea to use a Berlin stool as a table.

I also took the opportunity to update the GREENE concept infokiosk – it now dispenses up to date information, group invites and website links.

The Quintos chronometers are now available at:

Funny enough the Quintos worldtime clocks were among the first items we created. However we never got around to do the last finishing touches on them. But finally, the first 4 of the Qunitos range are ready.

With only 11 prims these clocks must have the lowest primcount possible for their task. The hands of the clocks get set by a single lag-free script. The clock itself is modifyable, so you can adjust the size.

The intial batch of Quintos clocks come either as worldtime clock in three designs, or as US timzeone clock. Until the vendor photos are finished, the clocks are available at 350 L$ at our in-world store: