A table

October 30, 2008

   Tables in SL® are fairly simple. A top and four legs. Details can be added for as realistic a look as you can get. I really like sculpted prims. They’re fun to make and I like seeing them come to life in-world. So I often incorporate them into my builds.
   I remember an article Torley wrote (I can’t seem to find it now) in which he wrote that sculpts are best used in combination with regular prims. I have found this to be true. So, I try to use a fair balance of the two whenever I am making something which could benefit from an organic look.

   My most recent effort is a table:

Dining table

   Tables are flat. Well…. good ones are. I gave mine a more unique shape and regular prims work just fine for that. And the skirt is a hollowed box. The legs though, I wanted to have them be more than simple square columns or cylinders. So I made a sculpt for them with a square top to fit with the table and then have a round, slightly undulating taper down to the floor.
   Texturing is fun work for me. The textures I roughed in Wood Workshop and detailed in Photoshop. Wood Workshop is something Torley did a video tutorial on. If you have ever wanted to find some good wood textures, you can make them yourself. It’s free.

   Perhaps we’ll include a free can of furniture polish with each table.


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