No ties from GREENE concept

December 7, 2008

Christmas. Celebrating love and peace. And getting a tie as present? Not with GREENE concept! Instead of ties, you get the exclusive tie-dye Berlin as our gift for the Peace on Earth hunt. This sculpted sofa seats 4 avatars and dynamically assigns one of 3 poses to each avatar. It is not available for sale, but can be picked up for free at the GREENE concept mainstore.
GREENE concept "Berlin" sculpted sofa "Tie Dye"

Opening Sale at Retrology

December 1, 2008

GREENE concept at RetrologyRetrology is one of my favourite shopping sims. The shops are carefully laid out, the sim is styled in a stringent theme, and Jhuzen “Ketsy” Ketsugo and her partner do an amazing community work with lots of events and promotions. That said, it’s obvious that available shops at Retrology are the exception, not the rule.

Today, I found a notecard from Ketsy saying that we are on top of the waiting list and that there is a vacancy in the “flea market” area. While this is not a full featured shop yet, it still is our foothold on this wonderful sim and we hope to get eventually offered a regular shop there. So please come and visit us at Retrology – and as an introductory offer, the vendors are marked 20% off!