Holidays are over…. for now

January 6, 2009

Ooookay, This is a chair I just finished sculpting. I uses six sculpted prims and it is modeled after an aluminum chair by Emeco. I actually have a red one here in my ‘office’ that I got at Full Upright Position in Portland a few years ago.
The sculpts are not quite finished yet as there are still some lines I need to make more organic and flowing. For instance, the sculpt which makes the seat needs to be a bit tapered in width from the front to the back. And the legs could use some tapering and a bit of rounding.


I am trying to make it as LOD friendly as possible. I have been wondering why the default RenderVolumeLOD setting in the viewer is set at 1.25 (or something like that). A setting of 2 to 2.5 makes sculpts work with distance a bit better. Probably it’s to let the viewer be speedy as possible on as wide a variety of machines as possible.


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  1. Please see for the correct design.

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