Putting some EMPHASIS on color

January 17, 2009

GREENE concept is pleased to announce the Emphasis range of chairs. Inspired by the modern classic “Emeco 1006 Navy chair”, a back-pleasing aluminium chair fabricated in a 77 step process, the Emphasis range offers a LOD (level of depth) optimized modern sculpted look with only 7 prims (including shadowprim). Each Emphasis chair contains 4 poses that can be manually changed or automatically cycled.

Emphasis is availbale in 9 colors: Blue, Gold Metallic, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver Metallic, Sky and Yellow. The menu-driven “Any Color” pack allows seamless tinting plus adding shine and glow.


  • Emphasis singe color, transferable: 50 L$
  • Emphasis single color, copyable: 150 L$
  • Emphasis any color, transferable: 100 L$
  • Emphasis any color, copyable: 350 L$

The chairs are available in our shop at Beachwood and will be on OnRez and Xstreet SL soon.


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