Refusal hurts

February 22, 2009

We recently applied to participate in the Bunny Hop gridwide hunt. As a unique thing in SL hunts, the organizers do not simply enlist all shops that want to participate, but make oyu apply and then either accept or refuse you. Unfortunately, we got refused.

“The selection is based on these follow categories:
1. quality
2. display
3. uniqueness
4. copyright infringement
You might have been declined due to one or more of the reasons above.”

This hurts very much. Had they said “we don’t want furniture shop” or had they said “your stuff looks ugly” or “your stuff is too expensive”, I would have understood. However given the criteria above, I really can’t understand why we got refused.

  1. Our items are of highest possible quality. We only release something new every couple of months because we are extremely keen on quality. Countless times items get revised because we tweak the quality – often in parts of the furniture that are not even visible at first.
  2. While our display was indeed poor a couple of months ago, now, that the landlord finally changed the plaza back, I am very happy with the display. Our shop is well structured, easily to overview, the items are clearly labeled and all of them can be tested in the store.
  3. Reviewers have often said the GREENE concept furniture is very unique, not only due to innovative concepts and designs, but also due to unique approaches to seat poses or menus.
  4. All of the GREENE concept furniture is a unique and individual design. Only the Emphasis chair is inspired by a RL piece of furniture – with acknowledgement and permission of the RL company who builds it.

I sent the organizers a notecard and asked for a little bit more input.  Still I am confused, hurt and sad about the decision. Refusal hurts, especially when it seems unfair.


9 Responses to “Refusal hurts”

  1. I love your stuff Peter. Hope you won’t take it too personally. You are a star!

    ~ Ketsy

  2. Raul Crimson Says:

    Peter, your store has quality, display, uniqueness and are creation of your team. Sincerly, i might think that hunt is not enough good for you, so, forget them.

  3. Rheta Shan Says:

    How utterly, completely pointless a way to frustrate bona fide shop owners. But then, expecting people to actually stand by their arbitrary decisions is probably too much to ask, so I’d recommend taking Raul’s advice, Peter.

  4. also agree with Raul — the hunt is not good enough for you! (but also know that rejection of any kind always stings a bit)

  5. Peter, I am shocked. You have great, high quality pieces. I also agree with Raul. Likely your items would have made the rest of the hunt stuff look bad in comparison and that is why they made such a poor decision. Please don’t take their comments to heart.

  6. I think in general it’s a mistake for organizers to require applications and then accept or reject — it’s bound to cause hurt feelings. That being said, I applied, too, and fully expect my rejection any time now. 🙂

    Don’t take it personally, your furniture is beautiful!

  7. I wonder if they even took the time to ACTUALLY visit the store…

  8. Bettye Says:

    Completely ridiculous. I am sure that it is that they did not want a furniture store. There isn’t any other reason that makes sense.

  9. I am really, really surprised by this! I think your products are unique and high quality and reasonably priced too!

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