A while ago, Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces offered us a spot in a new and cozy shopping village next to her store and club. We experimented a bit with satellite locations lately, but the results are mixed. So I was a bit reluctant. However when I TPed there, I was impressed by the beautiful look of the place.

For the upcoming St. Patrick’s weekend, Elle has planned sort of an official opening event for the place. Each of the stores was asked to offer a free item, and of course GREENE concept participates as well.

Please join us in the hunt for the golden pots at Carribean City!

Refusal hurts

February 22, 2009

We recently applied to participate in the Bunny Hop gridwide hunt. As a unique thing in SL hunts, the organizers do not simply enlist all shops that want to participate, but make oyu apply and then either accept or refuse you. Unfortunately, we got refused.

“The selection is based on these follow categories:
1. quality
2. display
3. uniqueness
4. copyright infringement
You might have been declined due to one or more of the reasons above.”

This hurts very much. Had they said “we don’t want furniture shop” or had they said “your stuff looks ugly” or “your stuff is too expensive”, I would have understood. However given the criteria above, I really can’t understand why we got refused.

  1. Our items are of highest possible quality. We only release something new every couple of months because we are extremely keen on quality. Countless times items get revised because we tweak the quality – often in parts of the furniture that are not even visible at first.
  2. While our display was indeed poor a couple of months ago, now, that the landlord finally changed the plaza back, I am very happy with the display. Our shop is well structured, easily to overview, the items are clearly labeled and all of them can be tested in the store.
  3. Reviewers have often said the GREENE concept furniture is very unique, not only due to innovative concepts and designs, but also due to unique approaches to seat poses or menus.
  4. All of the GREENE concept furniture is a unique and individual design. Only the Emphasis chair is inspired by a RL piece of furniture – with acknowledgement and permission of the RL company who builds it.

I sent the organizers a notecard and asked for a little bit more input.  Still I am confused, hurt and sad about the decision. Refusal hurts, especially when it seems unfair.

Retrology Valentine Sale

February 12, 2009

GREENE concept Valentine Sale at Retrology

Just a quick note to let y’all know that we particiapte in the great Valentine Sale at Retrology. And not only are our red items discounted, no, there’s 50% on everything. Enjoy!

Find us at the Retrology Fleamarket.

GREENE concept Berlin "Valentine"

Right in time for Valentine (oh, that rhymes), Ivanova has put finishing touches on our special edition of the Berlin sofa. Why not whisk your special someone off for a cuddle on this special Berlin sculpt sofa for Valentines? This prim efficient couples sofa features 6 changeable animations for you and your partner to spend time intimately in your Second Life. This nouvelle chair certainly features a certain je ne sais quoi and definite aww factor. The poses in this sofa are made by our friend Laleeta Xue of Pffiou! Available in our mainshop in Beachwood as well as at all satellite stores and on Xstreet SL.

Bye Bye onrez 50% closing sale by GREENE conceptThe web shopping portal onrez will shut down on February 11th. Linden Lab has bought both of the competing platforms – onrez and Xstreet SL – and onrez will be the casuality of this move. I personally regret this for various reasons: not only did onrez had the better user interface from a merchants perspective, it also charged no commission fees for sales. I hope Linden Lab will save some of the features of onrez and implement them on the Xstreet SL platform.

To show our gratitude towards onrez and its users, for the remaining time we have marked down all our items listed by 50%.

That’s right – get everything by GREENE concept which is listed on onrez (which is basically everything except the new Emphasis chairs) for half the price! I will pull the plug some time on the 10th as Linden Lab announced balances do not get withdrawn automatically.

Click here to access our onrez storefront with the 50% sale items.

Bye, bye onrez – it has been a nice time. Thank you!

GREENE concept San Jose "Geogreen" for Vain Inc. Valentine huntWe are pleased to announce that we take part in the Vain Inc. gridwide Valentine hunt. We made an exclusive version of our San Jose sofa – 7prims, seats up to 5 avatars and contains 4 poses per avatar. Ivanova made a spring-like design with fresh green patterns dubbed geogreen. Please check by our mainshop to get your copy.

Vain Inc. Valentine Hunt Poster

GREENE concept is pleased to announce the Emphasis range of chairs. Inspired by the modern classic “Emeco 1006 Navy chair”, a back-pleasing aluminium chair fabricated in a 77 step process, the Emphasis range offers a LOD (level of depth) optimized modern sculpted look with only 7 prims (including shadowprim). Each Emphasis chair contains 4 poses that can be manually changed or automatically cycled.

Emphasis is availbale in 9 colors: Blue, Gold Metallic, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver Metallic, Sky and Yellow. The menu-driven “Any Color” pack allows seamless tinting plus adding shine and glow.


  • Emphasis singe color, transferable: 50 L$
  • Emphasis single color, copyable: 150 L$
  • Emphasis any color, transferable: 100 L$
  • Emphasis any color, copyable: 350 L$

The chairs are available in our shop at Beachwood and will be on OnRez and Xstreet SL soon.


January 16, 2009

[13:57] Ivanova Shostakovich: What’s whisper range?
[13:57] Rika Watanabe: 5m.
[13:57] Peter Stindberg: 3m
[13:57] Ivanova Shostakovich: 9m?

Ooookay, This is a chair I just finished sculpting. I uses six sculpted prims and it is modeled after an aluminum chair by Emeco. I actually have a red one here in my ‘office’ that I got at Full Upright Position in Portland a few years ago.
The sculpts are not quite finished yet as there are still some lines I need to make more organic and flowing. For instance, the sculpt which makes the seat needs to be a bit tapered in width from the front to the back. And the legs could use some tapering and a bit of rounding.


I am trying to make it as LOD friendly as possible. I have been wondering why the default RenderVolumeLOD setting in the viewer is set at 1.25 (or something like that). A setting of 2 to 2.5 makes sculpts work with distance a bit better. Probably it’s to let the viewer be speedy as possible on as wide a variety of machines as possible.

No ties from GREENE concept

December 7, 2008

Christmas. Celebrating love and peace. And getting a tie as present? Not with GREENE concept! Instead of ties, you get the exclusive tie-dye Berlin as our gift for the Peace on Earth hunt. This sculpted sofa seats 4 avatars and dynamically assigns one of 3 poses to each avatar. It is not available for sale, but can be picked up for free at the GREENE concept mainstore.
GREENE concept "Berlin" sculpted sofa "Tie Dye"