GREENE concept items are available in copy/no-transfer and no-copy/transfer versions. The following returns policy applies:

No-Copy/Transfer items
Within one week after purchase of the item, upon request, we will grant a full no-questions-asked refund. Send the item to GREENEconcept Helfer, along with a notecard containing your name, the name of the returned merchandise, and – if you wish – a reason why you are returning the merchandise. After checking the returned item we will refund to you your purchase price.

Copy/No-Transfer items
Due to the nature of the SL permission system, we can not offer any refunds for these items. However we will be more than happy to drop you a fresh copy should you have lost or broken your copy. Please send a notecard to GREENEconcept Helfer containing your name, the name of the merchandise and the date and place where you bought it. Once we have compared this to our sales records, we will send you a fresh copy.

Be careful when modifying our objects!
All GREENE concept items are sold with modify rights. That way you can alter the appearance (e.g. tint parts) as well as put your own scripts inside.
We strongly advise against tampering with the original scripts and animations contained in the items. We strongly advise you to not modify no-copy items!

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