May 20, 2008

This is so exciting for me. Every day we are getting positive comments from different friends and associates, and constructive criticism from friends with a variety of tastes.
I have to admit, when I first began designing a 270 degree circular, backless couch. I had no idea how well received the San Jose might be. It just seemed like a nice idea to have a single seating solution that allowed a number of avatars to face each other in a sociable setting. A seven prim couch that can seat five avatars is a bit more useful than I first believed.
One of our working conventions is the creation of quality, low prim furniture. The use of sculpts to this end has led to me to consider the best creative use of them. Should we find ourselves looking at a target market allowing freer use of higher prim counts, I realized today that this practice will increase the skill with which we can create very detailed products more quickly.

Thank you all for your input and friendship.

And I’d like to announce that, thanks to Elusyve Jewell, I now have toast.