The Home, Garden and Patio Expo runs until Sunday, and I asked my friends Zeeva and Angela to help me show off our new items:

Emphasis and Twisty bench

To the left is the new Emphasis bench, styled along the lines of the Emphasis chairs, and equipped with a color change menu. It seats 3 avatars. On the right is the Twisty bench for two people.

Bubble Chair

The Bubble Chair is based on a design by my friend Gina Glimmer and was lingering in our workshop for ages. We finally finalized it and but a nifty particle effect in it. The textures on the bubbles are animated, as well as the sitting pose.

Coffee table set

While the Emphasis chairs are not new, the associated coffee table is. It looks especially beautiful with the silver Emphasis chairs, which is why we packaged it into a set for 200 L$ (basically buy 4, get one for free).

Dining Table

The new dining tables were blogged already yesterday, but Zeeva and Angela looked so cute sitting on them (sitting poses included) so I post them again.

All items are available on the Home, Garden and Patio Expo (SLURL).


May 15, 2008

As the “San Jose” informal meeting benches near their completion, we decided to make a test run last night and see how the sit targets work when the bench works under full load. First Ivanova rezzed our grumpy-as-evah green sidekick. Then I asked my friends Trinity and Zylina over. The seating arrangement worked out well, the spacing of the avatars was pleasant and not too cozy. We briefly discussed whether a 6th seat target should be included, but that would have been too tightly packed. We also did not get any script errors, which was nice too.

After that we ran the available designs by Trinity and Zylina, and they both were full of praise. Since I know them as honest friends, I think they meant it that way.

The image shows the San Jose in the new “Poppy” design, other available flavors include Anthracite, Cotton, Denim, Green, Ocean, Red, Royal, Suede and Velvet. More images on Flickr.