Irish Love

March 15, 2009

Irish Love - GREENE concept Berlin St. Patrick

I am a friend of all things Celtic, and apart from Scotland Ireland is one of my most favourite countries. Ivanova even has Irish roots – her red hair and her love for all things green are living proof for that. So it’s no surprise we made a special edition of our Berlin sofa to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day (March 17), the most important Irish holiday. Find this special edition in any of our shops, or on Xstreet SL.

No ties from GREENE concept

December 7, 2008

Christmas. Celebrating love and peace. And getting a tie as present? Not with GREENE concept! Instead of ties, you get the exclusive tie-dye Berlin as our gift for the Peace on Earth hunt. This sculpted sofa seats 4 avatars and dynamically assigns one of 3 poses to each avatar. It is not available for sale, but can be picked up for free at the GREENE concept mainstore.
GREENE concept "Berlin" sculpted sofa "Tie Dye"

Over the last days I noticed a customer who returned three times to our shop, each time buying one or two of the Berlin sofas. Today I contacted her because I was curious what she used them for. It turns out Conny is the head behind the Koblenz Sim, an accurate respresentation of the German town whith its signature monument “Deutsches Eck” (see The Berlin chairs were needed for a live literature reading in the rooms of the Koblenz castle. Conny provided this wonderful photo where the furniture can be seen during the event. The Koblenz sim holds events often, please visit it at concept Koblenz Sim Reference

Haunted October is here

October 1, 2008

With my Rezday and my RL birthday being both in October, the beginning of autumn has always been special to me. The weather gets murky and foggy, the leaves fall, you start to see your breath. And then of course Samhaim, All Saint’s Hollow – Halloween. The age old celtic holiday, where the netherworld and our world are closest to each other, and spirits can come over to our world and act revenge on the living. Later adopted by the Catholic Church, transformed into All Saints Day, to make the pagan practice work for them. And in today’s world the day to play pranks on your friends. It’s my 3rd Halloween in SL, and I loved the creativity I saw the previous two times. To me, Halloween seems to be THE Second Life Holiday.

This year, I can finally give back to the SL community. I talked with Ivanova many weeks ago, and we created two stunning pieces, especially for Halloween. The first item is our Halloween Special Edition of the Quintos Clocks, with an oozy, thick fog and a swarm of bats commissioned from our friend ArminasX Saiman of Electric Pixels. It is available for 111 L$ (11-1 – got it?) in our shop, as well as on SLX and OnRez.

GREENE concept Halloween Special Chronometer

The second item is a special edition of our Berlin chairs. It is available for 222 L$ in our shop, as well as on SLX and OnRez.

GREENE concept Halloween Special Berlin

Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces for the first time in person. Elle is hosting the Shadowbox Design Contest right now – actually it is over as of my writing, but the exhibition ground should still be open and the winners are not announced yet.

I sent a batch of review copies to Elle a while ago, and since she wanted a meeting area she figured she could use our San Jose benches. What I like is the unique and smart idea to use a Berlin stool as a table.

I also took the opportunity to update the GREENE concept infokiosk – it now dispenses up to date information, group invites and website links.

GREENE concept is pleased to announce the availability of the “fat packs” of their “Berlin” and “San Jose” furniture ranges. The fat packs include a menu that allows the owner (or everybody) to change between 12 (San Jose) or 10 (Berlin) designs.

GREENE concept Berlin Fat Pack (transfer)

The “San Jose” is a horseshoe shaped upholstered bench which seats up to 5 avatars. The “Berlin” chairs seat up to 4 avatars. Both are ideal for informal meetings or get togethers on lounges, offices, clubs or shops – but also does well in private homes. Lightweight with only 7 prims in case of the San Jose or 4 prims in case of the Berlin’s, they randomly assign high quality sittings animations to their users. The textures are highly detailed hand drawn patterns.

Both fat packs are available as copy/no-transfer or no-copy/transfer:

San Jose fat pack copy/no-transfer: 1000 L$
San Jose fat pack no-copy/transfer: 800 L$
Berlin fat pack copy/no-transfer: 900 L$
Berlin fat pack no-copy/transfer: 600 L$

OnRez Storefront:
SL Exchnage:

Linden Love

July 11, 2008

I could not believe my eyes, when I checked the recent sales statistics, and saw that Whump Linden has bought two pieces of furniture from us. Whump works as a web developer with Linden Lab and is about to furnish an in-world office for himself. He found GREENE concept via the “History of a virtual couch” article on New World Notes, and chose a Berlin with Holstein/cowhide design and a San Jose bench in anthracite.

As some of you might know, every Linden is supposed to have a selfmade pet teddybear they hand out to residents for special achievements, favours or when they feel like it. Whump Linden has a rather nice bear with fireworks strapped to his back. The bear utters some funny lines when clicked. The photo shows the bear visiting the new GREENE concept shopfloor. Read more on Linden Bears in Voodoo Buwan’s article over at REZ magazine.

The “Berlin” seats were in fact the first items GREENE concept ever worked on. It’s an upholstered stool, sitting 4 avatars. There are 3 poses inside, randomly selected upon sitting. They are available as copy/no-transfer for 700 L$ and no-copy/transfer for 250 L$. Right now only available in-world, with SLX and OnRez coming soon.

Berlin for sale
Berlin Color Swatch


April 24, 2008

I think it was my friend Tina who came up with the idea of making a special version of the Berlin chair with a cowhide as design. Ivanova did a great job with the texture. already her first shot was quite impressive, but the final version I saw today really stunned me.

The work on the Berlins progresses nicely. We now have 11 versions, and lots of ideas for other designs.

You can see the high level of detail Ivanova applies to our creations in this closeup:

Ich bin ein Berliner

April 11, 2008

Among our first items, there will be large polstered stools (or sofas without backrest). They will be able to seat 4 avatars and are ideal for casual business lounges, offices or living rooms. Because of their similarity in shape to jelly doughnuts or bismarcks, we dubbed them “Berliner” (which is the name of the pastries in Germany). Read the rest of this entry »