A while ago, Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces offered us a spot in a new and cozy shopping village next to her store and club. We experimented a bit with satellite locations lately, but the results are mixed. So I was a bit reluctant. However when I TPed there, I was impressed by the beautiful look of the place.

For the upcoming St. Patrick’s weekend, Elle has planned sort of an official opening event for the place. Each of the stores was asked to offer a free item, and of course GREENE concept participates as well.

Please join us in the hunt for the golden pots at Carribean City!

Via email:

“Hello, I’d appreciate if you can give me some feedback on our site: http://www.regencyshop.com and our item hanging bubble chair. I realize that you are home decor-modern design connoisseur 🙂 I’d like to hear your opinion/feedback on our products. Also, it’d be swell if you can place our link on your blog. Thank you, Sean”


my interest in furniture is purely of a VIRTUAL nature. I neither have the space nor the bank account for actual modern furniture. But I love to think of furniture ideas in virtual worlds, where also nuisances like gravity or material limitations are not an issue. Your website looks rather clean, and I’ll drop a link from my blog by posting this correspondence.

I wish you a good business!

Hello Peter,
Thank you for your valuable feedback and compliments. And, I really apreciate the link. I think a discount will be waiting for you, if you ever decide to make a purchase from our store 🙂
Thanks again.

Why did GREENE concept get started?

There are people, I know, who seek to make a real world living using the Second Life platform, or other virtual platforms.
If anyone asked me why I’m doing this, I would say “For the pure enjoyment of creation and seeing where it will go, where it will take me.” I should point out that I am not counting on GREENE concept to pay off my mortgage. It is a part of the overall enjoyment of participating in a virtual world. Though breaking even on all our creation costs would certainly be a thrill.
I believe one valuable aspect of a virtual world, wherein you participate in meaningful relationships and endeavors, is that virtual world experiences can help build real world skills.
So however I may talk about it, GREENE concept has already served me.

Every time I get positive feedback or suggestions from people, I am simultaneously excited that others find value in our ideas and designs, and, I admit, fearful of disappointing. Then I remember that I am here to enjoy the experience.
GREENE concept got started when my friend Peter saw that I enjoyed building things, and he liked what I was creating. I remember the first time he took me to a furniture store, and I discovered that building furniture was something that I really did enjoy doing. I like both creating the shapes and the textures that adorn them. While Peter is our animator, creating animation is something else I’d like to try my hand at as well. Concentrating on, and providing details that create a sense of realism is one of my goals.

So, how can GREENE concept serve you?

The idea to start “Babel Translations” occured to me while talking to an avatar in the Dublin sim back in June 2007. I figured that unlike in RL, it is ridiculously easy to start a company in SL. So I set myself a budget of 1000 L$ (which was almost everything I had back then) and 4 weeks time to give it a try. From there, I more or less learned as I went, for example introducing a halfway professional bookkeeping only as late as January 2008 with the help of my friend and associate Tina. Yet within 10 months, we made Babel Translations the premiere translation and copywriting agency. Read the rest of this entry »

So here we are…

April 4, 2008

GREENE concept, this is Ivanova Shostakovich and Peter Stindberg, ready to bring some fresh ideas and highest quality into the content creation in Second Life. Read the rest of this entry »