A while ago, Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces offered us a spot in a new and cozy shopping village next to her store and club. We experimented a bit with satellite locations lately, but the results are mixed. So I was a bit reluctant. However when I TPed there, I was impressed by the beautiful look of the place.

For the upcoming St. Patrick’s weekend, Elle has planned sort of an official opening event for the place. Each of the stores was asked to offer a free item, and of course GREENE concept participates as well.

Please join us in the hunt for the golden pots at Carribean City!

Washu Zebrastripe, widely accepted as the inventress of prim hair, had the opening party for her “Hairspray 2” sim tonight, and asked some designers for gifts to hand out during the party. Being not exactly the target audience for a sim dedicated to hair, we decided to donate the Halloween Berlin and the Halloween clock as a gift for the opening. Washu said it can either be set for sale as a freebie at 0 L$ or to be set to sale for 1 L$ and become a “Dollarbie” – a term coined by another hair designer – Teagan Blackthorne. As both items are from our regular portfolio with retail prices of 222 L$ resp. 111 L$, I opted for the Dollarbie option, and set the boxes up. My expectations got exceeded when I saw that our boxes got bought 198 times during the event! While this only constitutes a revenue of 198 L$ (which is not to be dismissed of course), the real value is the additional exposure we got. Since most people got both boxes, we now have 100 people who know about GREENE concept who did not know about us before. And if they rez our items in their homes, friends might see them and inquire further.

From Dollarbies I have seen at other places, there are a few observations for content creators – which also apply to real freebies:

  • Quality
    Your Dollarbie is like a business card. If you set an outdated item as Dollarbie, or stick two prims together and paint them, then the person getting the gift will either generalize the quality of your whole range with the quality of the gift, or they will get a bad impression from the dedication you have. Both is negative.
    But if you see your Dollarbie as a reference and use the same care creating it as you do with your other items, then you leave a good impression. Not only does your customer have the feeling of making a bargain, they will also have a good impression from the way you run your business.
  • Psychological value
    Funny enough, customers seem more reluctant to pay 1 L$ for an object with unclear content, than paying several hundreds L$ and knowing exactly what they get. So if you package your Dollarbie, dont pack it all into one prim and name it “Gift from xyz”. Instead, put the items separately into the vendor prim. This applies especially for clothing, where more layers are considered more valuable.
  • Dollarbies DO add up
    If you have the choice of setting one Dollarbie up or two – chose the higher number. If the event or venue is attractive enough, you will get a lot of sales from the Dollarbie boxes, and a second box effectively doubles the revenue.
  • Give additional information
    This sounds like a no-brainer, but I saw it neglected a lot in Dollarbies and Freebies I bought. Even if you think you are a well known brand, don’t forget to put a landmark to your mainshop into the box. A notecard outlining your product portfolio is certainly advisable. Adding attractive photos of your best-selling items to the box is the ultimate you can do. If the customer likes your Dollarbie, s/he is likely to look at the photos and notecards to, and will probably visit your mainstore as well.
  • Provide customer service
    People who bought a Dollarbie are your customers. They paid money to get one of your products. Even if it is “only” 1 L$, my advice would be to treat them like regular customers. If they come to you with an issue regarding the Dollarbie, they are not a nuisance, but they actually demonstrate that they USE your creation. And if they use it and like it, they are very likely to like other items from you as well. Denying customer service to them, simply based on the fact that they did not pay regular rates, can ruin the best impression they might have had so far. Again – they showed willingness to spend money for one of your creations. So see a customer service request as an opportunity to win a loyal repeat customer.

With the position of our photographer having become vacant, we looked who among the people whose works we know might be suitable to ask, and very quickly decided that Trinity would be the perfect candidate. She was both excited and reluctant at that offer, due to her time constrains. But after a long time of consideration she finally agreed.

“Having been a long time supporter of the GREENE Concept, concept, I was thrilled to be asked to take over the design of product imagery. With such a range of innovative products and the appointment of a new designer, I discussed the idea of updating the product designs and taking them to the next level. The impending Halloween Specials allowed me to test a few different design treatments.

I am no stranger to the original product designs and subsequently I found it a little difficult to steer the newer designs away from that look. I decided at this stage to take a step back, speak to Peter and reassess what the brand wanted to portray.

Many issues face product images; for instance the constraints that SecondLife/ XStreetSL/ OnRez place on them. OnRez for instance forces square image listings, therefore a landscape or portrait shot appears squashed. It’s a rather annoying, yet unfortunate fact of life. So at this stage I designed a square template. It will not be squashed online and is also straight 1:1 proportion in-world.

Obviously GREENE Concept prides itself on low prim sculpt furnishings, that speaks for itself in the images. I wanted to draw attention to other main key elements in the GREENE Concept range. Firstly the wonderful variation of sit poses and how these products look in situ and secondly, the amazingly detailed hand drawn textures on all of these products.

From here the new design template was confirmed and now the update of older image shots begins over the coming weeks.”

Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces for the first time in person. Elle is hosting the Shadowbox Design Contest right now – actually it is over as of my writing, but the exhibition ground should still be open and the winners are not announced yet.

I sent a batch of review copies to Elle a while ago, and since she wanted a meeting area she figured she could use our San Jose benches. What I like is the unique and smart idea to use a Berlin stool as a table.

I also took the opportunity to update the GREENE concept infokiosk – it now dispenses up to date information, group invites and website links.