Worldtime Halloween Clock

October 4, 2008

Yeah, typical, while He-boss invited She-boss for some lingerie shopping for her aspiring photomodel career, again the legwork was left over to me. Sigh. so on October 1st they realized they only made the US version of the Halloween clock, so again it was me who had to save the day and put the international worldtime clock together. So here you are, worldwide timezones, spooky sounds, bats, fog – same as the US version. Also 111 L$. Buy plenty so maybe I get a wage this months. Your’s, GC…

Availbale in our shop, OnRez or SLX.

Haunted October is here

October 1, 2008

With my Rezday and my RL birthday being both in October, the beginning of autumn has always been special to me. The weather gets murky and foggy, the leaves fall, you start to see your breath. And then of course Samhaim, All Saint’s Hollow – Halloween. The age old celtic holiday, where the netherworld and our world are closest to each other, and spirits can come over to our world and act revenge on the living. Later adopted by the Catholic Church, transformed into All Saints Day, to make the pagan practice work for them. And in today’s world the day to play pranks on your friends. It’s my 3rd Halloween in SL, and I loved the creativity I saw the previous two times. To me, Halloween seems to be THE Second Life Holiday.

This year, I can finally give back to the SL community. I talked with Ivanova many weeks ago, and we created two stunning pieces, especially for Halloween. The first item is our Halloween Special Edition of the Quintos Clocks, with an oozy, thick fog and a swarm of bats commissioned from our friend ArminasX Saiman of Electric Pixels. It is available for 111 L$ (11-1 – got it?) in our shop, as well as on SLX and OnRez.

GREENE concept Halloween Special Chronometer

The second item is a special edition of our Berlin chairs. It is available for 222 L$ in our shop, as well as on SLX and OnRez.

GREENE concept Halloween Special Berlin

The Quintos chronometers are now available at:

Funny enough the Quintos worldtime clocks were among the first items we created. However we never got around to do the last finishing touches on them. But finally, the first 4 of the Qunitos range are ready.

With only 11 prims these clocks must have the lowest primcount possible for their task. The hands of the clocks get set by a single lag-free script. The clock itself is modifyable, so you can adjust the size.

The intial batch of Quintos clocks come either as worldtime clock in three designs, or as US timzeone clock. Until the vendor photos are finished, the clocks are available at 350 L$ at our in-world store: