Mono and You!

July 16, 2008

Linden Lab’s plan is to have Mono running on all servers on July 23rd. That’s coming up soon.
I took some time to go to the preview grid and rezzed the San Jose fatpack in a region running the Mono server code. Sandbox Wanderton for the curious.
I went through all the scripts in the SJ recompiling them into Mono. I really wasn’t expecting any problems and everything went smoothly without any hiccups.
The July 23rd target date is just that; a target. Until Mono is actually running on all main grid servers, all of our product development will include Mono testing.

I’m fixing a hole….

July 16, 2008

We found a bug in the San Jose fatpacks. The texture change script would get stuck if you clicked the San Jose and either clicked ignore in the dialog box or did something else to make the dialog box go away without making a choice.
This was happening because there is no way, currently, to detect if the ignore button is clicked. Essentially, it would be forever listening for an answer that would never come. The way to fix it would have been to reset all the scripts in the San Jose, or to take/delete it and re-rez it.
I put a timer in the state that handles the dialog box and listen event. If the listen event is not triggered during the timer’s duration, the script is set back to the default state, which also turns off the timer (timer events persist across state changes).

This bug was found shortly after getting them to the shop floor, but we only had to issue the update to one person who had purchased the fatpack with the bug.