GREENE concept San Jose "Geogreen" for Vain Inc. Valentine huntWe are pleased to announce that we take part in the Vain Inc. gridwide Valentine hunt. We made an exclusive version of our San Jose sofa – 7prims, seats up to 5 avatars and contains 4 poses per avatar. Ivanova made a spring-like design with fresh green patterns dubbed geogreen. Please check by our mainshop to get your copy.

Vain Inc. Valentine Hunt Poster

GREENE concept is pleased to announce the Emphasis range of chairs. Inspired by the modern classic “Emeco 1006 Navy chair”, a back-pleasing aluminium chair fabricated in a 77 step process, the Emphasis range offers a LOD (level of depth) optimized modern sculpted look with only 7 prims (including shadowprim). Each Emphasis chair contains 4 poses that can be manually changed or automatically cycled.

Emphasis is availbale in 9 colors: Blue, Gold Metallic, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver Metallic, Sky and Yellow. The menu-driven “Any Color” pack allows seamless tinting plus adding shine and glow.


  • Emphasis singe color, transferable: 50 L$
  • Emphasis single color, copyable: 150 L$
  • Emphasis any color, transferable: 100 L$
  • Emphasis any color, copyable: 350 L$

The chairs are available in our shop at Beachwood and will be on OnRez and Xstreet SL soon.