The showroom is open

June 15, 2008

Sure, when it comes to heavy lifting, it’s me who makes things happen. She-boss simply tossed me the finished products, and He-boss preferred the white-collar “work” of listing them on the web. And both “graciously” left the showroom floor to me. And here am I, trying to put the 12 San Jose’s up for display. Didn’t work out of course. So I had to build boxes, push the furniture around, pack and pile boxes, paint them, label them, arrange them. Sheesh, I’m sweaty all over… AND they made me work on a Sunday!

However I think I arranged the San Jose’s nicely, and I put the two I like most on display. Now it’s up to She-boss to finish the vendors. And guess who they will call when it’s heavy lifting time again? Yeah, me…

Well, I’m off for the shower. Check out the showroom and if you are so inclined – buy one (or two or three) of our furniture.

Cheers, GC